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So why are the Hodgson fam getting all fancy and writing a blog? Well, funemployment for Tim aligning with long service leave meant that taking the kids out of school for a little while to spend time in a more exciting class room… the world… was too good an opportunity to be missed. Mima may be only two, but she acts like a 6 year old, so the time is right to make some memories for this load of monkeys and have a little time out at the same time.

This little blog is just to help us document our trip, some of the fun adventures and share with those that are interested. In short, we have a week in Mystery Bay with our great mates, two weeks in a campervan in Darwin and then three months to work our way through the UK and Europe.

Ready…. Seeeeeeet… GO! As Mima would say 😉


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  1. Kathryn Kingston says:

    Wow Emma what an exciting adventure you have ahead of you (and are already having)! happy & safe travels.


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