Ancient England

It’s been 10 years since we lived in England and we’d forgotten.  There are so many people here in such a small land!  Swarming about like an ant’s nest, going about their business in an orderly and organised way. We’ve been trying to describe it to the kids; 3 times as many people live in England and it fits into Australia 30 times over.

So, everywhere is busy but the infrastructure is great, the kids are impressed with the fast trains and we are never too far from a good old English pub lunch or an ice cream!  The grass is so green and the long evenings, especially when the sun is shining, are long and glorious.

Our first stop, via train from Edinburgh, was York, where my Uncle Nick and wife Sue live plus two of their kids, my cousins Bec & Tom.  It’s a beautiful journey down the coast which is surprisingly uninhabited.  York is a fun place to be.  We arrived on a Saturday morning and the city was fast filling up with lots of hens and stag/bux groups who had come for a big day out.  It was built by the Romans, and you can still walk around the old city walls, or run around them as I did one morning.  We played in the woods with Bec’s kids, we were enthralled by the street theatre and laughed when Barney got called up to participate.  We saw a crazy show, solely about bubbles!  Tiny ones, massive ones you could fit inside, smokey ones, square ones, and bubbles inside bubbles inside more bubbles!   Arch even went to a chocolate factory to make and learn about the history of chocolate. Our best move was to jump on an open top bus and be driven around the city.  It saved any moaning from the kids about walking and we could hear the commentary whilst the kids just mucked around – everyone was happy!

Then onto the south of England, dotting around staying with great friends (not least because anyone that is happy to have 6 of us to stay are complete legends, and some even put up with us for 2 nights!).  Thank you so much, Ruth & Straussy in Marlow, Gem & Tim in the New Forest, Gav & Doz at Wellington College, Gaz & Loz in Milford-on-Sea and Nick & Kats near Salisbury.  We loved your living and sharing your lifestyle for a moment, and will remember it for a long time.  Our kids loved having buddies to share toys and play with. You are all completely saintly!  [Harry’s new word is ‘completely’ so we had to throw it in there.] Whilst on the topic of Harry, he is talking excitedly about having ‘non-Australian’ friends, including Will, Theo, Louis and Ivo.

Friends and family make the world go around and we are hugely thankful for all our buddies and grateful for their hospitality. Our door is open in Freshwater anytime you are in Sydney!




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