Champion Haggis

Just sitting on the train from Edinburgh to York, about to head through my old town of Durham, having had 2 great days staying with Emma’s cousins in Musselburgh. It has been a short trip to Scotland, but a very fun one for all. Staying at Bea and Tom’s place next to the river Esk, the kids were living with some playmates for the first time in a while. Trampolining, cricket, football all on tap in the garden.

Despite having a 9 week old baby, Bea and Tom were awesome hosts. Allowing us to squeeze in, alongside Bea’s little sister and fam, and Bea’s parents. The downstairs room was turned into a dormitory for our kids which was fun.

And what do you do in Musselburgh…? Walks along the sea, around the river and golf course, trips to Edinburgh to see the castle and the “camera obscura”on the Royal Mile (a 163 year old camera which surveys the city, and a 5 floor light and illusion museum that the kids loved), and we ate like kings. Tom is a foodie, and works in the wine industry. And Patsy a foodie herself. So we had things like black pudding and scallops, Haggis from the 2013 Scottish Haggis Champion and lots of amazing wines.

A great little trip and a taste of Scotland for the kids. A BIG thank you to our hosts. Now for York.


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