They’re not fighting, they are just lying down

“They’re dead me’lord”

Monteriggioni held the most awesome medieval festival, which took me back to my childhood days of Blackadder and history lessons at primary school with the best teacher I ever had who brought medieval history to life like noone else could.

Monteriggioni is a small hill top walled castle town in the middle of Tuscany. Beautiful in its own right, but when the whole town (more of a village) turns the clock back 500 years it is spectacular. Everyone played their part… jesters, market stall holders, theatre (Punch and Judy esq) owners, foot soldiers, guards, jugglers, and many more. We played games with bows and arrows, wooden jousting games, elastic band firing cross bows. We tried on masks, helmets, picked up swords. Barney even picked the right ball in a ‘race’that won us a bottle of no label red. And we watched some incredible sword fights between foot soldiers dressed from head to toe in armor.

LOVED IT! And, it made me realise that when planning holidays, the more local festivals / events that you can plan around the better, as they provide a seriously rich experience.



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