Barney’s Buster


After many weeks without our wheels, we decided to hire bikes to cruise around Lake Maggiore in northern Italy.  It was another hot summer’s day, clocking up about 3 weeks without any rain.

We’d only got 100m down the road from the bike shop, when Barns took on a caravan on his bicycle, and lost.  A car towing a caravan turned in front of him across the footpath, he tried to dodge it but ended up being squeezed in by the car and it’s caravan, and he basically crashed into the caravan.

The police arrived within minutes, then the ambulance; next thing we know he was carried into an ambulance on a stretcher and taken off to hospital for X-rays of his leg and groin.

Luckily Barney escaped with a fair bit of bruising and scrapes, a dent to his confidence and a pretty good lesson in road and bike safety.  Meanwhile we questioned our decision to rent unfamiliar bikes in a country known for it’s crazy drivers!

Many Italians had crowded around trying to help out, but Mima was probably the best comfort of all during the waiting time in hospital.

Later on when the police arrived at hospital to take a statement from Barn, they were able to show us some CCTV footage of the incident as there was a petrol station opposite which happened to record the whole thing.  A lucky escape = a stiff drink that night!  We cancelled what was to be our first grown-ups dinner out, and instead all went out to a local pizza restaurant to celebrate the life of Barn!



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