The home of gelato

To some, Florence is the cultural centre of Europe, impressive as the birthplace of Renaissance art, architecture and monuments.

To our kids, it was simply the birthplace of gelato, the city which invented the famous ice-cream for the wealthy Medici family in the 1500’s.

So what was for us grown-ups a day of being wowed by sights such as the Ponte Vecchio lined with gold & jewellery shops, the massive Duomo and the peaceful Boboli Gardens…. well, for the kids it was all about the hunt for the best gelato.

Harry & Mima went early with their selection, Barn waited a few more shops and got a better one, Arch waited the longest and got the (ice) cream of the crop!  All in all, finding 20 gelato shops within a few square km’s impressed all of us and helped relieve the heat & humidity of a hot summer’s day in Tuscany’s capital.

Off to Lake Maggiore tomorrow (the Italian side).



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  1. Mickle says:

    Good to see the Sydney Sixers are getting excellent exposure over there. Should boost Italian viewership numbers. Nice one Barney.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emma says:

      He has worn nothing else except when it’s in the wash which makes for a very cross Barney!!


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