Wow, Tuscany!

Wow, and wow!  Jools we can see why you love Tuscany most of all, especially as a photographer.  Hard to decide what’s best – the light at sunset and the long days are more unbelievable than I’d remembered.  The countryside is incredibly beautiful and the history of the castles & walled towns is enchanting.  Yesterday we visited a castle (Castello di Brolio) currently lived in by a family whose history goes back 32 generations, 1000 years, in the same pad. They produce some of the most famous Chianti wines in Tuscany, so the wine tasting around here is a treat.

This is our castle for the week – even with most of it closed off, there is way too much space for us, so the kids have had a ball getting lost (and also teeny bit scared at night). The stone walls are so solid the wifi is crap!  Super fun for games of hide and seek and mucking around in the pool – just wish we had some friends here to share it with, feels way too fancy for us.  It dates back many hundred years (even the towels which look like some of nonna’s best).

Kids got tired & emotional yesterday after too many late nights and excursions so we had a great chilled day today of doing not much!




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