Gladiator School!

So much fun in Rome – what a place. But this post is all about GLADIATOR SCHOOL!

We spent a good few hours at the Colosseum yesterday, which was incredible. With a kid friendly tour guide, featuring games of Roman numeral bingo and Colosseum puzzle races, we got a 2 hour trip around one of the most amazing stadiums I have ever seen. I guess I used to love this type of history when I was little, and am intrigued by how these guys lived a few thousand years back. And quite like my sport! So having a chance to see where all these gladiators fought for their lives in front of 70,000 people was amazing.  And it was great for the kids to learn a little about it all.

But this just served to build up the hype for the main event today… Gladiator School. Barney as “The Killer”, Archie as the slightly less scary “Awesome Guy”, and “Dadicus” spent two hours training before the real battles commenced. This kind of sport is made for “The Killer”, and he sure did punch above his weight to only narrowly lose against a Queenslander several years older and scarier. “Awesome Guy” was a little more gentlemanly fighting a 7 year old girl from Miami, but came through with a win despite a few cuts and bruises. “Dadicus” battled the hardest to save face in a very closely fought battle against a 17 year old Queensland choir girl – who was very unlucky to lose 4-3 to the ageing Londinium man. The crowd left happy, the Gladiators left with a certificate as a reminder of a very fun morning. And I have to say, a small understanding of the immense talent of the fighters in those days. If it was a sport now, it would be quite something to ‘play’.



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