Rome – first impressions from an 8 year old

The blog is back! Having landed in Rome less than 24 hours ago, and at the start of a 10 week European adventure, we will try to share a few stories and lots of pics as we go.

Day One has been somewhere between incredible and incredibly boring, depending on who you ask in our family, which has made us realise what a challenge it is going to be to keep everyone happy across 10 weeks and a wide age range.

Actually, I am probably selling the kids out a little there. It is true that we got pretty close to the Pope on our first morning here, which was incredible for the adults and far from it for the kids. But I reckon they are beginning to get excited about Rome, and about the travels and exploring in general. This are Barney’s scribbles at 6am this morning having only spent a couple of hours walking to and from a pizza place last night after landing:

“A busy place with weird houses and loads of graffiti on them and I mean LOADS. The best ever pizzas in the universe and heaps of cigarette butts and about half the people have motorbikes. People have been singing at about 3am in the morning and weird flavoured ice cream.”

“Humungous castles. There are 2 man cars, water fountains that you can drink and wash your face with. You are allowed to walk on the road.  Outdoor supermarkets.  Can’t understand ANYTHING. Huge pictures, hugely awesome houses very humid but not hot.”

That’s it. Sums it up quite well! We are very central, about 50m from The Pantheon, so it is pretty noisy in a typically bubbly European kind of way. I think that singing stopped at about 4am, and with Italy playing Ireland tonight in Euro 2016, it may last longer tonight.

So much to see. Time travel machines, Gladiator schools, bike tours, the Colosseum and many other very old and weird looking buildings! Not to mention a few more pizza and ice cream shops.


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  1. Dan says:

    Well said Barn! Love it. What amazing times team H. xxx


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