Wild Life

We found all sorts of surprises today. Just when we thought we’d had a taste of what the Top End is all about, along came a few new experiences with the wildlife up here.

We tried green ants for breakfast, having been told that the local indigenous people enjoy them. Quite a taste sensation – strong lime flavour with a slightly crunchy texture. Jemima is now our hunter/gatherer -obsessed with finding everyone green ants to munch on. Hoping she doesn’t go for a bull ant!

Arch stepped on a big, fat cane toad in bare feet, nice and squishy!
And he had a snooze with his new mate “the freshie”.

We had a lovely swim in Berry Springs, only to then spot a King Brown snake skimming across the surface of the water moments later, yikes!

At the same spot we discovered the Archerfish which were most entertaining. They come to the surface, take aim at insects and spits out a stream of water to knock ’em down. Boys had great fun holding out their fingers over the water, pretending to hold an insect, to then be shot at by the fish, with amazing accuracy, from a metre below!

Come nightfall we had
toasted marshmallows by the campfire (we did not need the extra heat but kids were busting for a fire). Tim was running back from the bar and came millimetres from stepping on an Eastern Brown Snake, slithering along the path by night (only the second most venomous snake in the world!). The beer went down just as fast as we ushered the kids back into the campervan. Bring on the civilization of Darwin!


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