Gold mines, rock pools and waterfalls

Cracking day today. We woke up in Pine Creek, at the Railway camp site. When we drove in, it was the ‘worst campsite in the world’. Within 2 minutes of seeing the swimming pool, it was the place to stay ‘for the next 100 days’. It was a pretty good spot to be honest.

Had an evening walk along the old disused railway yesterday. Great time for some kid pics! And some commentary along the route of how the railway was built and evolved from the mid-1800’s ambition of a trans-Australian line, to a functional necessity of both World Wars to supply Darwin with troops and ammunition.

This morning we hiked up to the look out to see the disused Gold Mine. No wonder they risked their lives – they dug up the equivalent of $393m! Now you can see a few holes, and a big lake, but worth a look.

And on leaving Pine Creek, our second hike of the morning in 38 degrees was to the upper Edith Falls rock pool. A highlight for us and the kids. Combined the great outdoors for me and Em with a natural waterslide for the kids! Not many places satisfy 40 year olds and 8 year olds alike, but this one did. And we were far enough upstream to be pretty confident there were no big pre-historic bitey things swimming with us 😉

Ended today near Katherine Gorge. Probably a boat trip tomorrow but until then… time for a swim in the pool!


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