Archie’s ultimate whirlpool pool

There has been so much swimming out here that Archie has decided to go into swimming pool design and has cracked the ultimate pool design that is going to take off around the world. 

In Archie’s words… “So, there is a whirlpool in the shape of a circle in the middle. Then there is a normal pool around the outside. There is a waterslide from the normal pool to the whirl pool. You go around the whirl pool until you get to the middle. Then there is a hole that you fall in to. Then you slide down another water slide into a underground pool that has a racing pool and a wave pool. Then there is a water slide that lands into a lift. Then you go up the lift and land at the bottom of the first water slide. Then you start the whole thing again.” TM

One of the early designs…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shane says:

    What a great idea. That pool sounds awesome. Swimming is a fun pastime, but a pool like that would be a game changer. I would definitely spend hours “riding” from top to bottom.


  2. Thanks Shane – Archie is very chuffed to have a fan of his design out there!


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